Sky Q
Next gen Sky TV 

My Role

Exciting times. I was asked to join a team of three UI and three UX designers to go and work on a top secret project. 

Sky Q Help & Support

We joined Project Ethan (as it was known at the time) as a team of designers who had previously worked on Sky's Help & Support web services. The new TV system would allow greater control to the user in terms of their package and paying bills. So where ever you have an account area, you're going to have complex journeys and therefore a need to offer comprehensive help & support.

Sky Q on

After the TV UI project had drawn to a close, I returned to the main design team to start looking at how Sky Q would fit on At launch, there was some reliance on the website to run certain features; such as the one I designed, allowing users to display photos saved on their devices or from Facebook on their TV.  

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